Our missionHelp people make the most of their travels
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Our storyMade for travel lovers, by travel lovers

Like you, we love to get away, but we hate it when things go wrong. Flight delays, lost luggage, illness abroad; you name it, we’ve been there. And what’s worse than stuff going wrong whilst you’re away though? Worrying about it.

At Pluto, we believe good travel cover is key to protecting yourself as you prepare for and enjoy your adventure.

But travel insurance companies are stuck in the past. Policies are confusing and complicated. Buying them is painful and slow. And if you need to make a claim, it can feel like they do everything they can to stop you from getting what you deserve.

That’s where we come in. We’re a team of travel-loving designers and technologists who were frustrated and underwhelmed by the travel insurance industry. So we decided to shake things up.

At Pluto we provide hassle-free travel insurance through your smartphone. So you’re free to make the most of your travels.

Less hassle, more fun.

Welcome to the future of travel insurance. Come join us on our journey.

Founding teamSupported by a team of rockstar designers, developers and marketers, along with some top industry veterans as advisers.
Alex RaineyOur CEO, responsible for day to day running of the business and all things tech.[email protected]
Harry WilliamsResponsible for the Pluto product and brand, along with leading design and marketing.[email protected]
James BirchAn advisor to the business in the areas of finance, legal and operations.[email protected]
What we care about
Putting people first
Being bold and not being afraid of ruffling a few feathers
Having fun and not taking ourselves too seriously
Solving meaningful problems with great products
We’re Crowdfunding on Seedrs! Join us on our journey to conquer the world of travel insurance. 🎉We’re Crowdfunding on Seedrs! Join us on our journey to conquer the world of travel insurance. 🎉