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Why buy travel insurance?

We’ve put together 5 reasons why travel insurance is essential when you’re off on your travels.

Injury and illness abroad is expensive

We’re lucky in the UK that our medical care is free, but that changes when you go abroad. Certain countries in the EU will provide free healthcare, but not always. This might also change a lot with Brexit. And when you leave Europe, the costs can get very high, very quickly. For example, catch an ear infection in the USA and you could could end up with a medical bill of £2,000.

With Pluto, if you suffer from an injury or illness, you’re costs are covered for up to £10m as standard.

You can no longer go away

This is one of the most valuable, yet often overlooked parts of good travel cover. Imagine you’ve booked your flights, hotels, and some activities for an upcoming trip. But something bad happens stopping you from going away. Then you can claim back all of those costs you’ve already spent on your holiday. With this in mind, you’re better off buying insurance the moment you book your trip.

Examples of legitimate reasons for not being able to go away include a personal injury or illness, a loss within the family, or if it’s no longer safe to visit where you’re going.

Travel insurance is relatively cheap

The average claim cost is over £2,000. And with Pluto, you can get covered for the year for around £32 for Europe, or £54 worldwide.

Another way to look at it: you can get a year’s worth of good travel insurance for 9p per day.

Sh**t happens. Protect your stuff.

Things get dropped, scratched, stolen, crushed, dunked — you name it!

And, it’s no fun when that happens to your stuff. Travel insurance, as well as protecting you and your trip, also protects your stuff. So if your bag is stolen in Rio, you lose your passport in Frankfurt or you drop your phone in Bali’s clear blue sea — you’re covered.

The average UK tourist’s luggage is worth over £3,000, so it makes sense to spend a few pounds to cover your stuff when you’re away.

Peace of mind

Holidays are meant for relaxing, exploring and having fun. You don’t need the burden of worrying about what might happen to you, your stuff or your trip.

Go enjoy yourself. Do something crazy. Just buy some good travel cover. And have the peace of mind that we’ve got your back.

How Pluto compares

So you’re sold on buying travel insurance. But you’re not sure where to buy it from. Now we’re obviously biased, but we’re passionate about providing you with a great service. So check out the table below to see how we stack up to traditional insurers.

Submit claims in less than 10 minutes, from your phone.
Our partner paid out on 99% of all their claims in 2018.
Get travel cover tailored to your individual needs.
No jargon, with everything explained in plain English.
You’ll be buying from a socially responsible business.
We reward you for being a loyal customer and referring friends.
Traditional insurers
Spend hours filling out paper forms that you have to post.
On average, insurers paid out 87% of travel claims in 2016/17.
Limited personalisation, so you pay for cover you don’t need.
You need a law degree to understand what you’re buying.
None of the big insurers donate to charity with each policy.
Unfair price rises for loyal customers.

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